Saturday, 5 April 2008

Touch Shield Bitmap Portal

Touch Shield Bitmap

  1. Set up your Touch Shield
  2. Open the Touch Shield Bitmap Portal
  3. Open the bitmap you want to upload
  4. Upload the bitmap (Burn Bitmaps)
1.)Set up your Touch Shield
  • Set the "Board" to "TouchShield" in the Arduino environment.
  • Put the Touch Shield into the boot loader by pressing the “Black Button”.

Image interface code:

void setup()

image_interface_begin(); //wait for the vb image downloader to take over

bmp_draw("spears5",0,0); //draw the spears5 bitmap that is stored on the memory chip at //location (0, 0) which is the top left corner of the OLED screen.

while(1); //wait forever

Open the Touch Shield Bitmap Portal
  • Open "TSImageUploader.exe".
  • Enter the COM Port number in the box to the right of “Enter COM Port

3.) Open the bitmap you want to upload
  • File -> Open -> spears5.bmp
  • The file should be a bitmap (.bmp).
  • The file should have a resolution of 128 X 128 or smaller.

4.) Upload the bitmap (Burn Bitmaps)

  • Click on the “Burn Bitmaps” button and wait.
  • It will say, “Finished” when all of the images are downloaded onto the Touch Shield memory chip.


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