Sunday, 28 September 2008

Thanks, y combinator!

Wow, I must live in a bubble, but bootload over at ycombinator put a link on the hacker news section about my little project, and I got a lot of emails! I had no idea what Y Combinator even was, but a little research later, I figured out they're a seed stage VC firm (I think). Anyway, it looks like they give money to small teams of smart college guys and recent grads to make projects. Sounds neat :)

I got a bunch of nice emails, and a nice list of cool project ideas too. Also, I saw a comment on the website suggesting I should try to hack together a Frogpad keyboard, so I just bought one and I'll give it a shot! If I manage to get an Arduino reading and writing from a the Frogpad keyboard, I'll be sure to post the source code, and pictures.

In the meantime, I've been inspired to upload a bunch of scans and ideas from my engineering ideas notebook up to the invention lab page. I'm thinking that I'll start posting a bunch of scans for ideas, and based on comments and any emails, I'll try my best to code them and make them real projects (of course it'd be nice to have some help too)!


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