Thursday, 11 December 2008

Riding a bike is cool... but riding a unicycle is really cool

I was checking out the Arduino forums to get some ideas for my next project... and that's when it hit me. An RGB LED (Red, Green, Blue Light Emitting Diode)... in my last project I used a TouchShield to change colors depending on my mood

RED = Angry

Blue = Hungry

Magenta = Tired

Black = Sleeping

White = Excited

Orange = Happy

Yellow = Worried


The TouchShield is an OLED (Organic LED) screen with a total of 49,152 LEDs.

16,384 Red LEDs

16,384 Green LEDs

16,384 Blue LEDs

I thought I was soooo cool with my LED Matrix... but as it turns out, people are having just as much fun with one LED as I was with forty-nine thousand of them.


RGB Lamp Test from Mike Mc on Vimeo.

I rest my case.


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