Monday, 29 December 2008

Up and running on the TouchShield Stealth and Slide in 1 minute

It's been a long past few days for me and Matt, but I think we've finally figured it out (special thanks to Omar, Mark, T, and the guys at AVR for all the help). As it turns out, the avr gcc version packaged with the Arduino IDE actually isn't patched up to date, so it generates the wrong binary/hex file on the Mac and Vista when it tries to compile programs for the TouchShield Slide (that's because the Slide has a bigger processor than the Stealth, so it uses different AVR compile-time settings). The funny thing is that it went completely undetected for the past few weeks because Matt and I wrote most of the programs on Windows, but last week I got a new Macbook, and Matt put Vista on his laptop, and we discovered the problem almost at the same time.

I've wrapped up all of the code into one place - a patched version of the Arduino IDE (based on the most recent version), that compiles code properly on Macs and newer Windows machines. Thanks to Omar, who helped me wrap everything into an actual installer for Mac and Windows, since there are so many different gcc files it has to manage.

So that means that from now on, no one should ever have to use the up and running in 5 minutes post any more, because I've already included all of the cores and files into the installer (I'm going to keep the post up, but Matt's going to put a comment up that it's out of date).

In the meantime, Mark has volunteered to take over the SubProcessing library on the Stealth and the Slide, and is cleaning up all of the graphics functions. He's an insanely good programmer, and has coded 10,000's of lines of C and assembly in previous projects! We met the other day in New Haven, and he literally blew me away with some of the code he's written for the TouchShield Slide (when he sends it over, I'll throw it up on the App Store).

From now on, just grab the installer package to use the
TouchShield Stealth and Slide on Mac and Windows.

Make sure you remove any other copies of the Arduino IDE on your system just in case.

Launch the Arduino from the Applications folder (OS X) or the Start Menu (Windows).

Selecting the Slide:
Select Tools -> Boards -> TouchShield Slide

Write some code:

Then touch the programming button on Slide before uploading code to it.

Click Upload in Arduino.

Programming Arduino,
Select Tools -> Boards -> Arduino Diecimila

Write some code:

Click Upload in Arduino.



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