Tuesday, 5 May 2009

Aardvark visions

The future looks bright for the most sophisticated Arduino IDE release, the Aardvark. Since Matt and I are constantly brainstorming on enhancements, I figured I'd take the time to transcribe a marinara stained  brainstorming napkin or two and give a little sneak peak from the world of tomorrow.

You have the basic/original IDE mockup, nothing new here.

Then comes the vision Matt and I discussed . That Chicken Parm was so good (thanks to the cooks at the George's Pizza)! I like to think they helped a little bit with reaching this design... 

Aardvark Arduino 0.8.7 is real similar to the napkin....

But the vision wouldn't be complete without the super handy Reference Wing to help lookup Arduino routines, 

With the shaky internet out here in the back country of Connecticut I really need an offline reference sheet.


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