Thursday, 11 June 2009

Designing the Illuminato, Round 3

With two projects (the ButtonShield and the Illuminato, Round 2) now out the door, I figured it was time to get the ball rolling on a few others OSHW Bank projects. Justin S, Andrew, Jeff, and a few other folks have been working on shields of their own, and I've already gotten quite a few questions and suggestions about Illuminato, Round 3.
A USB-mini connection and standoff holes (thanks Robb!) are a couple thoughts that floated to the top. What do you think? Feel free to get a hold of me directly at jhuynh at gmail. I guess this is one makeshift way of doing collaborative, open source hardware design, without having to ship Gerber files back and forth :)
Then in about a week or so, I'll post up a revised list of features going into the next Illuminato here and over on the Illuminato page from the shop, based on what everyone seems to be looking for, and open up the OSHW Bank queue for Round 3!


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