Sunday, 21 June 2009

Tilt-based accelerometer-powered Space Invaders

Mike just sent me an email with the urgent flag set with a link to ArduinoWill's video... what I'm doing still up at 2 am on a Sunday is anyone's guess... but this was definitely worth it...

"This clone of the classic Space Invaders game runs on the Arduino Duemillinove with the Liquidware TouchShield Slide and the Sparkfun 3 Axis Accelerometer. Using the accelerometer as a tilt sensor to control the movement of your defender and tapping the screen (running my 1.4 firmware) to fire."

Ha ha - what's up with shooting your own bunker... boo... what's the cheat code for regeneration? :-) The coolest part to me is the part where depending on how far accelerometer is tilted, the speed of the slide either goes faster or slower.

The souce code is uploaded over at the "App Store" (which isn't really a store because everything is Open Source and free...)... and to top it all off, nice icon :) That's pretty cool...


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