Wednesday, 26 August 2009

Illuminato X Machina In Action

I got a few emails about seeing the Illuminato X Machina in action, so here are the first two videos I took.

Last week, I took a few videos of Dave and Chris programming and running an array of Illuminato X Machina cells. In the first one, there are only two cells. As soon as Dave attaches the second cell to the first, it automatically boots up, downloads the code, and begins to execute the same program.

The idea is the same, but when there's two arrays that are each pre-programmed, the most updated code will "infect" the rest of the grid until they're all synched up. In this case, the cells are set up to accept compare code against what their neighbors are running, and download it if their neighbor's code is newer.

With blinking lights (my language of choice :-) the Illuminato X Machina code sharing scheme shows robustness in action. Even if one of the cells stops working, the others can carry on. And if the cell comes back online or is replaced, it will autonomously boot up and check with its neighbors to pick up the latest program...and continue running.

The code for these two demos will be up on soon, and I'll be posting a couple more videos as soon as I get them uploaded. In the meantime, feel free to email me at jhuynh at gmail if there's a cool project I should try with a tribe of IXMs...


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