Saturday, 7 November 2009

Aardvark 0.8.36 Released

This is the next installment of the Aardvark 0.8.x series. Notable new features include:
  • New Library menu that's board friendly
  • New Library reference docs
  • Larger reference panel
  • The library example list auto repopulates when the board changes.
  • Added JeeNodes library (Ports, RF12)
  • Arduino Duemillanove upload bug fixed, thanks Fred!
  • Misc startup fixes
Download @ Illuminatolabs

I've added a Library Menu that dynamically changes with each different board. Here, we see the standard libraries for the Arduino family of boards:

I've also included new reference docs for the Libraries, which load up a library is pulled into the sketch. Below, we see a quick reference for the AFSoftSerial library:

Tip: A quick way to show the reference panel is to click Help->Reference.

Thanks for all the code contributions that made this all come together.


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