Saturday, 30 October 2010

White Silk

Clean lines... Simplicity is back in style. Today's version updates nineties minimalism with a fresh breath of nature and poetry, adding details like lace and embroidery. The silhouette is casual, colours and fabrics light. The materials are washed and faded, with delicate patterns in thin water colours, organic shapes and floral prints, often on linen, which is rapidly becoming a firm favourite material. For certain success, combine a casual blazer with white jeans and a t-shirt. or create a simple, yet romantic look with a lace skirt and cute top. As for accessories, stick to the stripped down programme. Simple silver jewellery, flowers in your hair and strapy shoes... minimalistic perfection

Top; TK max. Skirt H&M. Shoes;ASOS. Flower belt ;DIY


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