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Hiện nay, màn hình LCD gần như đã hoàn toàn thay thế được công nghệ màn hình CRT cũ, bởi những ưu điểm vượt trội mà nó mang lại, như kích thước lớn hơn trong khi lại gọn nhẹ hơn, màu sắc tươi sáng và đặc biệt là ít tốn điện hơn nhiều lần.

Kết quả kinh doanh Quý 3 của Dell: lợi nhuận đạt 475 triệu USD, giảm 47%

Mới đây Dell đã công bố kết quả hoạt động kinh doanh Quý 3/2012 của mình. Theo đó, lợi nhuận trong 3 tháng vừa qua của hãng đạt 475 triệu USD, giảm 47%

Windows Phone 7.8 đã hoàn chỉnh, có thể được phân phối trong vài ngày hoặc vài tuần tới

Nokia và Microsoft vừa tổ chức một sự kiện dành cho các lập trình viên tại Singapore vào ngày 17/11 vừa qua, trong đó nhất mạnh đến việc phát triển phần mềm cho Windows Phone 8.

Sunday, 30 January 2011

When I grow up

When I grow up...I think I will still be obsessed with dressing up, some things never change.

Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Weekend Warrior

The great story for spring is colour, of rather, the lack of it. Whereas spring and summer has conventionally been the time for eye-popping blushes and brights, this season offers nude-tones, and ice cream shades which are good enough to eat.
Non-colour rules the runways in sweet-shop tones and nude hues. If you want to steer clear of looking too girlie opt for contrasting them with strong accessories and wear them with attitude.

 This is reflected in mellifluous feminine cuts, floaty layers of translucent subtle fabrics and lashings of decorative drapings and frills The prevailing colour mood is one of buoyant femininity and timeless chic. Fashion Cream; This is my most loved colour...cream is a simple understatement.

Dress; Primark. Shoes; Asos. Underskirt; River Island. Headpiece; Handmade

Sunday, 23 January 2011

Beautiful Feeling

'Sometimes I can see for miles
Through water and fireFrom England to America
I feel life meet my eyes

And it's the best thing
A beautiful feeling' 



Nudes are the fashion colour du jour. Delicacy is a signature look this spring, and I adore the oh so soft flesh-tone hues and pale earthy neutrals.
However, these delightful colours make my ever so fair complexion look really washed out, but I love them anyway; so nude needs to be worn with attitude…as well as blusher: lots of it.
Nudes are risky colours to pull off, although when you get it right it’s certainly well worth the effort. How does one dress in nudes without looking naked? First and foremost is to make sure fabrics are not too tight; skin-tight silhouettes can look like a second skin, which can be very unflattering. Fabrics ought to adorn, drape and float away from the body. This dress was the luckiest find...and my first attempt to pull of this tricky colour.

Dress; Republic. Shoes; ASOS

Friday, 21 January 2011

I'm the Ghost in the back of your head

One of the reasons I love great Britain so much is because the Christmas sales are so unbelievable, where I am from we don't get buy one get one free and you are lucky if you save at all. I usually allow myself to spend more than usual, stock up on jeans from Zara and splurge on shoes...  this whole outfit I got for under £20pounds. I love the Victorian style blouse as the colours are so romantic..it should pass as a vintage find. I usually prefer to take my images outside in woods and forests, natural surroundings just work so much better, but the harsh winter weather sometimes get to me! These images are quite ghostly and haunting and the title is taken from a song I love 'Spanish Sahara' by The Foals...

Thursday, 20 January 2011

Emerald Fields

                 "Just living is not enough.  One must have sunshine,love, friendship, freedom, and a little flower"

Wednesday, 19 January 2011


Alice In Wonderland has inspired and infiltrated the fashion movement around the world.  
 Designers Zac Posen, Sue Wong, and Donatella Versace have all admitted to using the film as an inspiration for their collections. This cute outfit is my take on some fashion cues from this whimsical fashion spectrum, perfect for a casual look or even for falling down rabbit holes.

Shoes; Asos. Tighs and Skirt; Primark. Top; Dior

Monday, 17 January 2011

Castles in The Clouds

"Our lives are part of a unique adventure... Nevertheless, most of us think the world is 'normal' 

and are constantly hunting for something abnormal--like angels or Martians. But that is just 

because we don't realize the world is a mystery. As for myself, I felt completely different.

I saw the world as an amazing dream. I was hunting for some kind of explanation of how 

everything fit together." 

Lilac Wine

Lilac wine...so sweet and heavy

Lilac, beautiful silent sunshine.The instant I saw this lilac lace dress I had an olfactory reminiscence and could almost smell the lilacs from my childhood. Those wonderful fragrant bundles of violet flowers were my favourite thing in our back yard. Lilac is a romantic and dreamy colour. It is sophisticated yet populist; lilac allows you to be daring without being loud; you can stand out without being to obvious.

dress; Topshop. Headband and socks; Primark. Shoes; Aldo

Sunday, 16 January 2011

Always in this twilight

I have always had soft spot for, ahem, a polka dot.  This iconic, vivacious print is still finding its way onto everything from dresses to tops to socks. Polka dots are retro with a funky and playful twist. This happy motif is feminine and whimsical and offers a fun element to our sometimes serious wardrobes.
  The real world version of this trend is easy enough to achieve: don’t overdo it and just curb the dottiness to one polka-dotted piece at a time and you will be fine!

Shoes; Newlook. Playsuit, and tights; Primark. Headpiece; handmade 

Monday, 10 January 2011

Little Black Bird

Winter came and froze her skin...it left her heart black and soul dim...

An inspired autumnal look of simple monochrome of black and white. 
Black and white monochrome is one of the few real trends in women's fashion that stood the test of time and has been around for decades with its origins in the pioneering designs and fashion creations of Coco Chanel who changed the face of woman's wear for good. Her simple designs and use black and white and comfort wear are still actively impacting every female, she was a true fashion pioneer leading the way for others to follow.  Monochrome is one of the simplest, most chic of looks to work whatever the season.  

Pussybow blouse and dress; H&M, Brogues; Newlook

Saturday, 8 January 2011

Simple DIY floral headpiece

This is very simple do it yourself to create an ethereal floral headpiece. 

Step one, materials :This headpiece is very easy and quick to make all you need is a measuring tape, pliers and artificial  flowers. The flowers I used I found on ebay here, they are called a rose wire garland, the flowers are connected via thin wire.Step two measure the radius of your head, remember you want the headpiece to sit comfortably on your head so don't make it too short.

Step 3 and 4; after measuring cut the rose garland with pliers and then and bend it in a circle, remember to cut it slightly longer as because you have to connect the two ends and it needs to fit comfortably on your head..

Step five; connect the two points by carefully twisting one side of the wire onto the other end and viola, you have a beautiful floral headpiece.

Tuesday, 4 January 2011


I have fallen in love with this vintage themed floral dress. Sheer dresses burst with the romantic; their hazy effect is filled with temptation. A sheer dress gives a lot of potential; it can be elegant, dreamy, or even demure.  Sheer doesn't have to mean that your garment is see-through from top to bottom. In fact, a mere suggestion of transparency is far sexier and classic than complete exposure.

Dress; River Island. Belt; Vintage. Headband; Primark

Monday, 3 January 2011

Pink Champagne

Wrapped in metal
Wrapped in ivy

Paint it in mint ice cream 

Together we can bounce of clouds...

Saturday, 1 January 2011

White Sunsets

From sweet day dresses to sensual see-through gowns, fashion has fallen for lace. Lace is no longer strictly for eveningwear. Lace is beautiful, cool and indulgent. There is something profoundly feminine, almost poetic, about lace. Its elaborate, peek-a-boo network manages to merge a delicate display of skin with a modest veiling of the flesh, that classic reveal-conceal fusion that has for so long been the trump card of the femme fatale. 

Dress; River Island. Shoes; Topshop