Sunday, 23 January 2011


Nudes are the fashion colour du jour. Delicacy is a signature look this spring, and I adore the oh so soft flesh-tone hues and pale earthy neutrals.
However, these delightful colours make my ever so fair complexion look really washed out, but I love them anyway; so nude needs to be worn with attitude…as well as blusher: lots of it.
Nudes are risky colours to pull off, although when you get it right it’s certainly well worth the effort. How does one dress in nudes without looking naked? First and foremost is to make sure fabrics are not too tight; skin-tight silhouettes can look like a second skin, which can be very unflattering. Fabrics ought to adorn, drape and float away from the body. This dress was the luckiest find...and my first attempt to pull of this tricky colour.

Dress; Republic. Shoes; ASOS


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