Saturday, 8 January 2011

Simple DIY floral headpiece

This is very simple do it yourself to create an ethereal floral headpiece. 

Step one, materials :This headpiece is very easy and quick to make all you need is a measuring tape, pliers and artificial  flowers. The flowers I used I found on ebay here, they are called a rose wire garland, the flowers are connected via thin wire.Step two measure the radius of your head, remember you want the headpiece to sit comfortably on your head so don't make it too short.

Step 3 and 4; after measuring cut the rose garland with pliers and then and bend it in a circle, remember to cut it slightly longer as because you have to connect the two ends and it needs to fit comfortably on your head..

Step five; connect the two points by carefully twisting one side of the wire onto the other end and viola, you have a beautiful floral headpiece.


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