Thursday, 10 February 2011

Flower Headband DIY

Simple DIY  floral headpiece

1. Materials needed: fabric flowers (I always look out for these at the sales, thrift shops and even Primark sell them quite cheaply), scissors, needle and thread, hemline elastic - that is available form any haberdashery. 

2. Measure the elastic around your head and cut accordingly. Sew the ends together to form a headband that fits round your head quite comfortably (not to loose).

3 Sew your first flower on the outer side of the elastic rim. 

4. Sew the rest of the flowers on on by one, I position the flowers all the way around the elastic and make sure that they are quite close together with no gaps of visible elastic when you wear the headpiece. I find that bigger flowers are bolder and more beautiful and I also like to use many flowers. If you find sewing to time consuming you can also glue the flowers on to the elastic.

And viola you final product is a pretty floral headpiece.