Monday, 14 March 2011

DIY feather headpiece

This is such a simple DIY for  feathered headpiece

1. You will need a beaded headband, I found mine for 99 pence from Ebay here, feathers, I found that duck/ goose feathers work better as they are not so fluffy and more sturdy. I used two packs with twelve lilac feathers and smaller white feathers, also from Ebay found here and here.

2. Find the centre of your headband and stick the feathers through the beads, I used bigger feathers first and made sure the feathers folded outwards so they sit better once they are on your head (shown in image nr 2). I used a lilac feather for every second bead and later filled up all the remaining beads with the white smaller feathers. 

 If there is space you can stick more then one feather in per bead . I did not need to glue my feathers as the fit is quite snug and the feathers wont fall out. You can see me wearing the headpiece here.

Finally you have a Red Indian inspired headpiece modelled by the lovely (and reluctant) Lilly.
Give away:  Because everyone has been so amazing and always leave such inspiring comments I will give away a similar headband to a Wunderlust reader, simply leave a comment on this post and I will select someone by this weekend. 


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