Monday, 7 March 2011

Girls Will Be Boys

One can argue that the female version of a tux never went out of style in the first place. 
The tuxedo has been a style staple for women since Marlene Dietrich first worked the look in the Thirties, cemented as a fashion classic in 1966 by Yves Saint Laurent's iconic Le Smoking suit. Now, it appears to be firmly back on trend, as every fashionista worth her six-inch stilettos has been stepping out in a black blazer, white shirt and bow-tie combination. This look is razor-sharp and original it can earn one vital fashion points. A tux-attire oozes confidence that is very different from what feminine dresses offer. A loosely-knotted tie can keep the look sexy, a cropped ankle and high heels can save it from looking too masculine. For me, nothing beats YSL's original Le Smoking, which has been worn by everybody from Diane Keaton to Catherine Deneuve. It is still a timeless classic 44 years on, and given the tuxedo revival, it's at the top of my wardrobe wish list.

Trousers; Cheap Monday. Blouse; Asos. Shoes; Love label. 


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