Wednesday, 16 March 2011


This is my beautiful friend Lee and we did a nomadic inspired photo shoot on the sandy dunes near the beach. The images are influenced by gypsies; the travelling trend is all about looking like you just threw on some clothing without thinking about it. Western fashion is completely enthused around the Gypsy style and this is perhaps because Gypsies have been able to elude the lifestyles that we have. The Gypsy life is a travelling existence moving from one place to the next, finding what is essential, putting together an appearance, fashion is not significant to them, and somehow that makes it work - to Gypsies it is function over frivolity.

 Usually Indian, African and Asian prints are combined with Western pieces that allow you to mix-and-match clothing to create your own individual look. It's comfortable, down-to-earth and feminine so you'll need to put away those skin-tight clothes and become a free minded, clash prints and not think about it too much. The fashion world is usually a world in which the dreamy ideal is celebrated, rather than anything more factual.

Bat-wing lace dress; Topshop. Cross necklace; Miss Selfridge. Boots River Island. Handmade headbands and Lee's sleeveless dress; Warehouse.


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