Saturday, 16 April 2011

Country Girl

Thought you had outgrown the all-in-one a long time ago? As a wave of utility reaches the fashion shores, dungarees are making a comeback for spring. Dungarees aren't new, of course. Originally workmen's clothes, they were first worn by women during the Second World War. Counterculture figures took them up in the 1970s– the 80s and 90s saw them reach teen-staple status, with dungaree icons Kylie Minogue and TLC. Then they were consigned to fashion purgatory for 15 years, associated with farmers, mechanics and ill-advised ­maternity wear. 

How can one clarify this resurrection of bibs and buckles…its all thanks to the jumpsuit – an item that presents the same potential pitfalls as the ­dungaree – went from rife ridicule to wardrobe essential in a matter of ­seasons. Dungarees are a halfway house between separates and a jumpsuit, plus they're comfortable. To make dungarees work and avoid looking like a toddler, heels are a definite must. Wear with a semi-sheer voile blouse or a cute camisole. Ralph Lauren fashioned them in love-worn, baggy denim while Gaultier rendered them in luxe, denim-coloured silk with his signature conical bra top. If you want to go the whole countrified nine yards, team with hobnail-style boots and lumberjack shirts. 

Topshop Dungarees, Zara Blouse, Primark Wedges


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