Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Falling stars

Things I love
Dreaming, clouds, falling stars, waterless wells, thunder, the ocean, books, friendship, words, a full moon, poetry, music, moustaches, mustang horses, the dessert, sunsets.
Spring...who can resist a bit of floral sunshine?
 My hubby Matteo;he is the most talented artist I know, intelligent, funny  handsome and my bestest friend.
 Mother Nature...for nothing is more breathtaking and awe inspiring. 
Tall old trees, they grace this earth with such a presence...I wish I was young and small enough to still climb them. 
My two beautiful sisters , a life without them would be impossible...
My dog Lilly...she is a naughty, lovable princess.
Life; because there is subliminal beauty in every waking moment

A collection of random images I took, the girl jumping with the balloons is my sister...we always have competitions to see who jumps the highest in photos...she is an impressive jumper and always wins, (sulk)...I just tell her, I cant be good at EVERYTHING.  xxx


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