Sunday, 8 May 2011

DIY Floral Crown

I adore flowers and flower crowns are the best way to salute the summer, perfect for a special occasion, festivals or weddings. Here is a few very easy steps to make your own floral crown:

What you will need: 
An assortment of  fabric flowers, I bought a few different bunches and simply cut the wire stems. Some thin wire, some green garden wire, pliers, measuring tape and floral tape. 

Create a circle that fits comfortably around your head and secure it with a small piece of wire. I tripled the amount of wire to make the crown extra sturdy. 

Cut your first flower and place it in the desired direction on the crown. By using a small piece of thin wire, wrap the flower tightly and secure with pliers so there are no sharp pieces of wire sticking out that might hurt you. Do this with more flowers, till you start to build a full crown of pretty flowers.

Wrap the exposed wires together with the floral tape from one end to the other and viola you have a pretty floral crown.


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