Wednesday, 11 May 2011


The best feelings in the world

"Sleeping late, putting on sweatpants after wearing jeans all day, dipping biscuits in tea, hugs lasting more than a minute, being liked/loved back, the first swim of summer, sending postcards from far away, laughing till your stomach hurts, pictures from you when you were little, when he texts you first, living up to someone’s expectations, eating seedless grapes, winning an argument, listening to your favourite song, receiving hand-written letters, realising it is Friday, packing for your holiday, perfectly peeling off the price sticker, getting an unexpected gift, making someone proud,  falling asleep to rain, finishing an essay,  being told your beautiful, finding the prefect jeans, when people laugh at your jokes,  finding out the name of the song stuck in your head, making new friends, being told by someone they never want to loose you,  knowing you will be ok....”

I am wearing Primark (shoes, blouse, belt and skirt) Lee is wearing Topshop dress, Aldo shoes, River Island socks, and handmade headpieces by me xxx


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