Sunday, 4 September 2011

Day Dreamer

"dreams are answers to questions we haven't yet  figured out to ask"

Can summer really be almost over? I really hate the cold! Even if fall is the most precious season of all but  it is the long winter I dread. 
This beautiful dress was sent to me by Erika from Love Struck Clothing, I simply adore the rich colour and cut. You can buy the dress here and you will see me on the homepage image of their website!

I have so many new followers and hundreds of comments I still need to reply to! I will, I promise, as soon as I can find the time. I have been so busy with new exciting designs for Rouge Pony that I have not had time for much else.

I hope this Monday is a happy one.


I am wearing New Look socks, Primark shoes, a Rouge Pony flower crown and Love Struck dress.


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