Đánh giá nhanh màn hình LCD Dell S2740L: 27", IPS, đèn nền LED Full HD, giá 8,25 triệu

Hiện nay, màn hình LCD gần như đã hoàn toàn thay thế được công nghệ màn hình CRT cũ, bởi những ưu điểm vượt trội mà nó mang lại, như kích thước lớn hơn trong khi lại gọn nhẹ hơn, màu sắc tươi sáng và đặc biệt là ít tốn điện hơn nhiều lần.

Kết quả kinh doanh Quý 3 của Dell: lợi nhuận đạt 475 triệu USD, giảm 47%

Mới đây Dell đã công bố kết quả hoạt động kinh doanh Quý 3/2012 của mình. Theo đó, lợi nhuận trong 3 tháng vừa qua của hãng đạt 475 triệu USD, giảm 47%

Windows Phone 7.8 đã hoàn chỉnh, có thể được phân phối trong vài ngày hoặc vài tuần tới

Nokia và Microsoft vừa tổ chức một sự kiện dành cho các lập trình viên tại Singapore vào ngày 17/11 vừa qua, trong đó nhất mạnh đến việc phát triển phần mềm cho Windows Phone 8.

Sunday, 27 November 2011

Spread the Light

"what day is it?" 
"It's today,"  squeaked Piglet
"My favourite day," said Pooh

I cant wait for Christmas, we have a little tradition that no one is allowed to buy any gifts, all gifts have to be handmade so it turns into a little contest each year and every one tries to make the best presents! I am hoping we will have some snow in England as it is bitterly cold...

I am wearing a beautiful dress from AX Paris available here and a Rouge Pony crown from my shop.


Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Winter Skin

"A rush of autumn leaves that 

Bled away their beauty as they 

died upon the breeze.
Silhouettes braced for winter"

So winter arrived uninvited...I am really dreading the cold months ahead, mostly cause it is dark , wet and cold  and impossible to take images outside!  Burrr

There is still time to enter my Romwe give away I have two $80 vouchers, you can enter here

I am wearing a Romwe dress and Rouge Pony flower crown.

Saturday, 19 November 2011

DIY Lace Peter Pan Collar

This is an easy DIY to make a lace detachable collar.

1.  You will need: A meter of broad lace, a meter of satin ribbon, scissors, thread, a safety pin, pins and
     a needle
2. Spread your lace flat and fold over one side to approx one inch
3.  Pin the fold
4.  Carefully sew the fold leaving enough space for the ribbon to be threaded through
5.  Pin your safety pin to your ribbon, remember to burn the edges of your ribbon to stop it from
6.  Thread your ribbon through your seam
7  Sew one end of the lace collar to your ribbon leaving the other side over for rouching the lace to
   your desired size

and viola, a beautiful easy peasy lace collar modeled by the lovely naughty little Lilly        

Friday, 18 November 2011

White Lunar

"You stagnate when you have no dreams left to dream, 

Fantasies are usually the dreams that come true later

if you keep on dreaming it..."

The doll house is back! I am excited to announce that I will be giving this lovely flower crown away to a Wunderlust reader to celebrate one year of blogging.  The conditions are...well there are no conditions! Simply comment on this post and I will choose my favourite comment xxx

I am wearing a very cute flower dress courtesy of Club Couture, a Romwe Collar and Aldo Wedges.

Thursday, 17 November 2011

Android Hardware Development Environment

My favorite part of the Android Hardware Development Environment is that I can easily connect to a serial port/ use the USB host capabilities with Android. When I'm done with my project I typically burn my custom image of Android to a microSD card so I can reuse my operating system!

Monday, 14 November 2011

Rabbit Heart

"Happiness is the meaning and purpose of life, the whole aim and end of human existence" Aristotle

I did a little photo shoot with fellow blogger Roberta this weekend near my home, we froze half to death but had loads of fun capturing these images whilst pretending to be warm. I am wearing a Topshop dress ASOS and cape. Roberta is wearing a republic dress and Rouge Pony flower crown.

I hope everyone has a lovely weekend

Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Farewell Fall

"Live beautifully
Dream passionately 
Love completely"

Fall has come to an abrupt end and winter is in full swing.  I am very excited, in a few weeks I will be  doing a little shoot and facing the elements with fellow dreamer  Roberta, she has such a divine blog and amazing wardrobe.

I adore this cute little playsuit form Club Couture, you can get it here.
I finally made a facebook page for my little label Rouge Pony, you can view it here .
Have a lovely weekend

I am wearing Love Label shoes, Rouge Pony crown, Primark socks and a vintage blouse.

Saturday, 5 November 2011

Tea For Two

"Be who you are
say what you feel
because those who matter don't mind
and those that mind, don't matter..." Dr Seuss

The winners for my Romwe give away are Jamie (Fancy teacup) and Nadia (My fashion insider) congrats girls.

I am wearing a Romwe skirt and collar, H&M gloves, Topshop top, Rouge Pony crown and Aldo shoes.

Have a happy Guy Fawkes everyone xxx