Wednesday, 7 March 2012

DIY heart elbow patches

This is a super cute and easy DIY for heart shaped elbow patches.

  1. You will need a felting kit, I got mine from Ebay and this includes a felting block, carded wool and felting needles. You also need  a woolly jumper, tape and a shape (I used a heart cookie cutter)
  2. I then marked the areas where I want to position my hearts.
  3. You then have to position your felting block inside of your sleeve. Place your shape on your markings and add a little bit of the felting wool inside your shape.
  4. This is the fun part, you start to poke the felting needle on you shape and doing this repeatedly, you have to use you needle straight up and down and not at an angle
  5. I started with a small amount of wool and added more as my heart started taking shape.
  6. Going round the outline of your shape poking the needle up and down until the fibers start compressing
  7. Do this on both elbows and viola you have a super cute jumper with heart patch elbows.


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